Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
Session 1.2
The File tab opens Backstage
view, which provides access
to commands for saving and
printing the workbook.
The spelling checker
verifies the words in the
active workshe et against the
program’s dictionary. You
can replace or ignore the
words it flags as misspelled.
The Pa ge Layout tab
provide s commands to
change the way worksheets
appear on printed pages.
A formula is a n expression
that returns a value. This
formula calcul ates the sum
of the values in range H6:H9.
A group of cells is called a
cell range or range . Ranges
can be either adjacent or
You can rename a
sheet so that it has a
brief description of its
contents or purpose.
The Insert Worksheet
tab inserts a new
worksheet at the end
of the wor kbook.
The status bar indicates
whether you are in Ready
mode or Edit m ode.
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