Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
Session 1.2
The Sum button (also
referred to as the AutoSum
feature) inserts Excel
functions to su m, ave rage,
or count all the values in a
column or row, as well as
display the minimum or
maximum value in a column
or row.
The Find command locates
text and values in the
workbook and the Replace
command overwrites them.
Click the Find & Select
button to access both
An adjacent range is a
group of cells in a single
rectangular block of cells.
This adjacent range covers
cells G6:H10.
A nonadjacent range is two or
more distinct a djacent ranges.
This nonadjacent range covers
the adjacent range A6:A9, the
adjacent range E6:E10, and the
adjacent range G6:H10.
The view buttons
change how the
rksheet content is
dis played—Normal
vie w, Page Layout view,
or Page Break Preview.
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