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Working with Cells and Ranges
To select the adjacent range A1:G5:
1. If you took a break at the end of the previous session, make sure the RipCity
Digital Orders workbook is open and the Sheet2 worksheet is active.
2. Click cell to select that cell, and then with the mouse button still pressed, A1
drag the pointer to cell , which is the cell in the lower-right corner of the G5
range A1:G5.
3. Release the mouse button. As shown in Figure 1-14, all the cells in the adjacent
range A1:G5 are selected. The selected cells are highlighted with color and
surrounded by a black border. The first cell you selected, cell A1, is still the active
cell in the worksheet.
Figure 1-14
Selected adjacent range A1:G5
the active cell
in the selected
range is white
selected range is highlighted in the worksheet
4. Click any cell in the worksheet to deselect the range.
Next, you’ll use the pointer to select the nonadjacent range A1:A5;F1:G5.
To select the nonadjacent range A1:A5;F1:G5:
1. Select the adjacent range A1:A5 with your mouse.
2. Hold down the Ctrl key, and then select the adjacent range F1:G5 .
3. Release the Ctrl key. As shown in Figure 1-15, all the cells in the nonadjacent
range A1:A5;F1:G5 are selected.
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