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Moving and Copying a Range
One way to move a cell or range is to select it, position the pointer over the bottom
border of the selection, and then drag the selection to a new location. This technique is
called drag and drop because you are dragging the range and dropping it in a new
location. You can also use the drag-and-drop technique to copy cells by pressing the Ctrl key
as you drag the selected range to its new location. A copy of the original range is placed
in the new location without removing the original range from the worksheet.
You’ll use the drag-and-drop method to move the customer order data to a new
location in the worksheet.
To move to a location
that is not visible, drag
the selection to the edge
of the worksheet window
until it scrolls down or
across, and then drop the
selection into the new
To drag and drop the customer order data:
1. Select the range A1:G5 .
2. Move the pointer over the bottom border of the selected range so that the pointer
changes to
3. Press and hold the mouse button to change the pointer to , and then drag
the selection down three rows. Do not release the mouse button. A ScreenTip
appears, indicating the new range reference of the selected cells. See Figure 1-16.
Figure 1-16
Selected range being moved
selected cel l range
ScreenTip indicates
the range reference
of the new locatio n
outline previews
the new location
of the r ange
4. When the ScreenTip displays the range A4:G8, release the mouse button. The
selected cells move to their new location.
5. Enter the title information shown in Figure 1-17 in the range A1:A3, pressing the
Enter key after each entry.
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