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Inserting and Deleting a Range
Figure 1-17
Titles added to the worksheet
worksheet titles
Some people fi nd dragging and dropping a diffi cult and awkward way to move a
selection, particularly if the worksheet is large and complex. In those situations, it’s
often more effi cient to cut and paste the cell contents. Cutting places the cell contents
into computer memory or on the Clipboard. The contents can then be pasted from the
Clipboard into a new location in the worksheet. You’ll cut and paste a range now.
To cut and paste the customer order data:
1. Select the range A4:G8 .
2. In the Clipboard group on the Home tab, click the Cut button . The selected
range is surrounded by a blinking border, which indicates that its contents are
stored on the Clipboard.
3. Click cell A11 . This cell is the upper-left corner of the range where you want to
paste the data.
4. In the Clipboard group, click the Paste button. Excel pastes the contents of the
range A4:G8 into the new range A11:G15. The blinking border disappears as a
visual clue that the Clipboard is now empty.
5. With the range A11:G15 still selected, click the Cut button
in the
Clipboard group.
6. Click cell , and then click the Paste button in the Clipboard group. The A4
tomer order data is pasted into its original location in the range A4:G8.
Inserting and Deleting a Range
Amanda wants more space between the three title rows you just entered and the table
of customer orders. You could simply move the range A4:G8 down one more row, but
another way is to insert new cells between the titles and the order data.
When you insert a new range of cells with the Insert button, the existing cells shift
down when the selected range is wider than it is long, and they shift right when the
selected range is longer than it is wide (as shown in Figure 1-18). When you use the
Insert Cells command, you specify whether the existing cells shift right or down, or
whether to insert an entire row or column into the new range.
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