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Working with Formulas
To enter the formula into the worksheet:
1. Click cell to make it the active cell, type Charge for the column label, and then H5
press the Enter key. The column label is entered in cell H5. Cell H6, where you
want to enter the formula, is the active cell.
2. Type =F6*G6 (the number of DVDs created multiplied by the price per DVD). As
you type the formula, a list of Excel function names appears in a ScreenTip, which
provides a quick method for entering functions. The list will close when you
complete the formula. You’ll learn more about Excel functions shortly.
3. Press the Enter key. The formula is entered in cell H6, which displays the value
$34.58. The result is displayed as currency because cell G6 referenced in the
formula contains a currency value.
After a formula has been entered into a cell, the worksheet displays the value returned
by the formula. If the results are not what you expect, you might have entered the
formula incorrectly. You can view the formula by selecting the cell and reviewing the
expression displayed in the formula bar. One challenge with formulas, particularly long
formulas, is interpreting the cell references. Excel makes this simpler by color coding
each cell reference in the formula and its corresponding cell in the worksheet. You’ll see
this when you view the formula you just entered.
To view the formula:
1. Click cell to make it the active cell. The formula you entered appears in the H6
formula bar, whereas the value returned by the formula appears in the cell.
2. Click in the formula bar. Each cell used in the formula has a different colored
border that matches the color of its cell reference in the formula. This provides a
visual cue to the formula, so you can quickly match cell references with their
locations in the worksheet. See Figure 1-21.
Figure 1-21
Formula in the formula bar
formula in cell H6
multiplies the values
in cells F6 and G6
cell border colors match the
colors in the formula bar
formula displayed
in the formula bar
For Amanda’s fi rst customer, you entered the formula by typing each cell reference in
the expression. You can also insert a cell reference by clicking the cell as you type the
formula. This technique reduces the possibility of error caused by typing an incorrect
cell reference. You’ll use this method to enter the formula to calculate the charge for the
second customer.
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