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Copying and Pasting Formulas
To enter a cell reference using the mouse:
1. Click cell to make it the active cell, and then type =. When you type the equal H7
sign, Excel knows that you’re entering a formula. Any cell that you click from now
on causes Excel to insert the cell reference of the selected cell into the formula
until you complete the formula by pressing the Enter or Tab key.
Be sure to type = as the
first part of the entry
in any cell containing a
formula; otherwise, Excel
will not interpret the entry
as a formula.
2. Click cell . The cell reference is inserted into the formula in the formula bar. At F7
this point, any cell you click changes the cell reference used in the formula. The
cell reference isn’t locked until you type an operator.
3. Type * to enter the multiplication operator. The cell reference for cell F7 is locked
in the formula, and the next cell you click will be inserted after the operator.
4. Click cell to enter its cell reference in the formula, and then press the Enter G7
key. Cell H7 displays the value $394.75, which is the total charge for the second
Copying and Pasting Formulas
Sometimes you’ll need to repeat the same formula throughout your worksheet. Rather
than retyping the formula, you can copy a formula from one cell and paste it into
another cell. Pasting a formula is different from pasting a value. With formulas, Excel
adjusts the formula’s cell references to refl ect the new location of the formula in the
worksheet. This is because you usually want to copy the actions of a formula rather than
the specifi c value the formula generates. In this case, the formula’s action is to multiply
the number of DVDs Amanda created for a customer by the price she is charging for
creating each DVD. By copying and pasting the formula, you can quickly repeat that action
for every customer in the worksheet.
You will see how this works as you copy the formula you just entered in cell H7 to
cells H8 and H9 to calculate Amanda’s charges to the two remaining customers listed in
the worksheet.
To copy and paste the formula that calculates charges:
1. Click cell to select the cell that contains the formula you want to copy. H7
2. In the Clipboard group on the Home tab, click the Copy button . Excel copies
the formula to the Clipboard. The cell from which the formula was copied has a
dotted border to remind you that cell is being copied.
3. Select the range H8:H9 . These are the cells in which you want to paste the
4. In the Clipboard group, click the Paste button. Excel pastes the formula into the
selected range. A shortcut button appears below the selected range, providing
options for pasting formulas and values. See Figure 1-22.
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