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Output Devices
see clearly. Resolution is easy to adjust on most monitors. Dot pitch (dp) measures the
distance between pixels, so a smaller dot pitch means a sharper image. A .28 or .26 dp is
typical for today’s monitors.
To display graphics, a computer must have a graphics card , also called a video display
adapter or video card , or a built-in graphics processor (sometimes called a built-in
graphics card ). The graphics card or processor controls the signals the computer sends to
the monitor.
The monitor included with the computer advertised in the Visual Overview is a
17-inch fl at panel LCD monitor. Since it doesn’t mention LED, you can assume that it
doesn’t include that technology.
A printer produces a paper copy of the text or graphics processed by the computer.
The most popular printers for business use are laser printers , such as the one shown on
the left in Figure 19, because they produce high-quality output quickly and effi ciently.
They use the same technology as a photocopier; a temporary laser image is transferred
onto paper with a powdery substance called toner . The speed of laser printers is
measured in pages per minute ppm ). Color laser printers use several toner cartridges to (
apply color to the page.
A less expensive alternative to the laser printer is an inkjet printer , such as the one
shown on the right in Figure 19. These printers spray ink onto paper. The quality of the
inkjet output is comparable to a laser printer’s output. Inkjet printers, with and without
color capabilities, are popular printers for home use. The speed of inkjet printers is also
measured in pages per minute.
A printed copy of
computer output is called
hard copy because it is
more tangible than the
electronic or magnetic
copies found on a CD, in
the computer memory, or
on the monitor.
Figure 19
Laser printer
Inkjet printer
Another type of printer is the dot matrix printer. Dot matrix printers transfer ink to
the paper by striking a ribbon with pins. Dot matrix printers are most often used to print
a large number of pages fairly quickly or multipage, continuous forms such as payroll
checks. The speed of dot matrix printers is measured in characters per second cps ).
Speakers allow you to hear sounds from the computer. Speakers can be separate
peripheral devices attached to the computer, or they can be built in to the monitor. For
speakers to work, a sound card must be installed on the motherboard. The sound card
converts sounds so that they can be broadcast through speakers.
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