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Undoing and Redoing an Action
Undoing and Redoing an Action
As you revise a workbook, you might need to undo a previous action. Excel maintains
a list of the actions you perform in a workbook during the current session, so you can
undo most of these actions. You can reverse the most recent action or you can reverse
more than one action. If you undo more than one action, all actions subsequent to the
earliest action you select are also undone. You’ll undo the edit to cell G6.
To undo the edit to cell G6:
1. On the Quick Access Toolbar, click the Undo button
2. Verify that $17.29 appears again in cell G6, indicating that your last action—
editing the value of this cell—has been undone.
If you fi nd that you have gone too far in undoing previous actions, you can go forward
in the action list and redo those actions. As with the Undo feature, you can redo more
than one action at a time. You’ll use Redo to restore the value of cell G6.
To redo the edit to cell G6:
1. On the Quick Access Toolbar, click the Redo button
2. Verify that the value in cell G6 returns to $18.29.
Using Find and Replace
Amanda wants you to replace all the street title abbreviations with their full names.
Specifi cally, “Ave.” should be “Avenue,” “Ln.” should be “Lane,” and “Dr.” should be
“Drive.” Although you could read through the worksheet to locate each occurrence,
this can be time-consuming with larger workbooks. For greater speed and accuracy, you
can use the Find command to locate a string of characters known as a search string and
replace that text with a replacement string of new text characters.
You can limit the search to the current worksheet or search the entire workbook. You
can specify whether to match the capitalization in the Find what box and whether the
search text should match the entire cell contents or part of the cell contents. You can
choose to review each occurrence of the search value and decide whether to replace it,
or you can replace all occurrences at once.
You’ll use the Find and Replace commands to replace each street title abbreviation.
To find and replace the street title abbreviations:
1. In the Editing group on the Home tab, click the Find & Select button, and then
click Replace . The Find and Replace dialog box opens.
2. Type Ave. in the Find what box, press the Tab key, and then type Avenue in the
Replace with box.
3. Click the Options button. The dialog box expands to display additional Find and
Replace options. See Figure 1-26.
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