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Using the Spelling Checker
a word that is not in its dictionary, the word appears in a dialog box along with a list of
suggested replacements. You can replace the word with one from the list, or you can
ignore the word and go to the next possible misspelling. You can also add words to the
dictionary to prevent them from being fl agged as misspellings in the future. Note that the
spelling checker will not fi nd a correctly spelled word used incorrectly, such as “there”
instead of “their” or “your” instead of “you’re.” The best way to catch these types of
errors is to proofread your worksheets.
Before giving the workbook to Amanda, you’ll check the spelling in the Customer
Orders worksheet.
To check the spelling in the Customer Orders worksheet:
1. Click cell to start the spell check from the upper-left corner of the sheet. A1
2. Click the Review tab on the Ribbon, and then click the Spelling button in the
Proofing group. The Spelling dialog box opens and flags “RipCity” as a possible
spelling error. Excel suggests two alternatives. See Figure 1-27.
Figure 1-27
Spelling dialog box
ignores this
of the word
ignores all
of the word
adds the word
to a personal
list o f
3. Click the Ignore All button. You ignored all the occurrences of this spelling
because “RipCity” is the name of Amanda’s company. The spelling checker flags
“Torbet,” a last name that is not in the program’s dictionary.
4. Click the Ignore All button to ignore the spelling of this name. The next potential
spelling error is the name “Lilla” in cell B8. The name should have been entered
as “Lila,” a first name that the spelling checker recognizes.
5. Click Lila in the Suggestions box, if necessary, and then click the Change button.
The text is changed within the cell. The spelling checker is finished.
Trouble? If the spelling checker finds another error, you might have another
typing error in your worksheet. Use the spelling checker to find and correct any other
errors in your workbook, and then continue with Step 6.
6. Click the OK button to close the Microsoft Excel dialog box.
7. Proofread the worksheet and correct any other spelling errors you find. You do
not have to check the spelling in the Documentation worksheet at this time.
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