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Printing the Workbook
Printing the Workbook
You can print the contents of a workbook by using the Print tab in Backstage view. The
Print tab provides options for choosing what to print and how to print. For example, you
can specify the number of copies to print, which printer to use, and what to print. You
can choose to print only the selected cells, the active sheets, or all worksheets in the
workbook that contain data. The printout will include only the data in the worksheet. The
other elements in the worksheet, such as the row and column headings and the gridlines
around the worksheet cells, will not print by default. You also see a preview of the
workbook so you can see exactly how printed pages will look with the settings you’ve chosen
before you print. A good practice is to always review the print preview before printing to
ensure that the printout looks exactly as you intended and avoid unnecessary reprinting.
You’ll preview and print the RipCity Digital Orders workbook now.
To preview and print the workbook:
1. Click the File tab on the Ribbon to display Backstage view.
2. Click the Print tab in the navigation bar to display the print options and preview
of the first sheet in the workbook (the Documentation worksheet). See Figure 1-30.
Figure 1-30
Print tab in Backstage view
preview of printout
click to print the
worksheet with the
selected settings
select the printer
select what part
of the workbook
to print
set the printer
click to scroll
through the print
3. Click the Printer button, and then click the printer to which you want to print if it
is not already selected.
4. In the Settings group, click the top button, and then click Print Entire
Workbook . This will print both the Documentation worksheet and the Customer
Orders worksheet.
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