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Viewing and Printing Worksheet Formulas
Amanda wants a printout of the formula view. The Customer Orders worksheet will
not fi t on one page because of the expanded column widths. You can scale the
worksheet to force the contents to fi t on a single page. Scaling a printout reduces the width
and the height of the printout to fi t the number of pages you specify by shrinking the text
size as needed. You can also scale a printout proportionally to a percentage of its actual
size. You’ll scale the Customer Orders worksheet to a width and height of one page.
To scale the worksheet formulas to print on one page:
1. Click the Page Layout tab on the Ribbon.
2. In the Scale to Fit group, click the Width arrow , and then click 1 page .
3. In the Scale to Fit group, click the Height arrow , and then click 1 page . You’ll
verify that the worksheet formula view fits on a single page.
4. Click the Page Layout button on the status bar, and then zoom the worksheet
to 50% . The formula view of the worksheet fits on one page. See Figure 1-32.
Figure 1-32
Printout scaled to one page
printout wid th and height
set to a singl e page
text reduced to fit
the worksheet on
one page
zoom se t to 50%
5. Click the File tab on the Ribbon to display Backstage view, and then click the
Print tab in the navigation bar to view the print options.
6. In the Settings group, click the top button, and then click Print Active Sheets to
print only the Customer Orders worksheet.
7. Click the Print button. The active sheet, the Customer Orders worksheet, prints.
At this point, you’ve completed your work for Amanda. Before closing the workbook,
you’ll change the view of the workbook contents back to Normal view.
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