Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
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Session 1.2 Quick Check
To save and close the workbook:
1. Press the Ctrl+` keys to switch the worksheet out of formula view.
2. Click the Normal button
on the status bar to return the worksheet to
Normal view.
3. Save your changes to the workbook, and then close it.
Amanda is pleased with the workbook you created for her. All the customers and
orders appear on one worksheet, and she can easily add new customers and orders. The
formulas quickly update the calculations that show her income from burning DVDs.
Session 1.2 Quick Check
1. Describe the two types of ranges in Excel.
2. What is the range reference for cells A3 through G5 and J3 through M5?
3. What formula would you enter to add the values in cells B4, B5, and B6? What
function would you enter to achieve the same result?
4. How do you rename a worksheet?
5. Describe four ways of viewing the content of an Excel workbook.
6. How are page breaks indicated in Page Break Preview?
7. How do you display the formulas used in a worksheet?
8. Why would you scale a worksheet?
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