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5. In the range C11:E14, enter the following expense fi gures (expand the column
widths as necessary to show the text and data values):
2013 2012 2011
Salaries and Wages 1,632 1,481 1,392
Sales and Marketing 2,631 2,112 1,840
Administrative 521 410 375
Research and Development 501 404 281
6. In the nonadjacent range C18:E18;C20:E20;C24:E24, enter the following values for
Other Income, Income Taxes, and Shares, pressing the Enter or Tab key to navigate
from cell to cell in the selected range:
2013 2012 2011
Other Income 341 302 239
Income Taxes 1,225 1,008 821
Shares 3,621 3,001 2,844
7. In the range C8:E8, enter a formula to calculate the gross margin for each year,
where the gross margin is equal to the net sales minus the cost of sales.
8. In the range C15:E15, enter the SUM function to calculate the total operating
expenses for each year, where the total operating expenses equal the sum of the four
expense categories.
9. In the range C17:E17, enter a formula to calculate the operating income for each
year, where operating income is equal to the gross margin minus the total operating
10. In the range C19:E19, enter a formula to calculate the pretax income for each year,
where pretax income is equal to the operating income plus other income.
11. In the range C22:E22, enter a formula to calculate the company’s net income for
each year, where net income is equal to the pretax income minus income taxes.
12. In the range C25:E25, enter a formula to calculate the earnings per share for each
year, where earnings per share is equal to the net income divided by the number
of shares.
13. Use the spelling checker to correct and replace any spelling errors in the worksheet.
Ignore the spelling of “Altac.”
14. In cell A18, use Edit mode to capitalize the word “income.”
15. Increase the width of column A to 18 characters and increase the width of column B
to 25 characters. Autofi t the height of row 1.
16. Rename the Sheet1 worksheet as Income Statement , rename the Sheet2 worksheet
as Documentation and move it to the beginning of the workbook, and then delete
the Sheet3 worksheet.
17. In the Documentation worksheet, enter the following text and values:
Cell A1: Altac Bicycles
Cell A3: Author Cell B3: your name
Cell A4: Date Cell B4: the current date
Cell A5: Purpose Cell B5: Income statement for Altac Bicycles for 2011
through 2013
18. Save the workbook, preview the workbook and make sure each worksheet in
portrait orientation fi ts on one page in the printout, and then print the entire workbook.
Close the workbook, and then submit the fi nished workbook and printouts to your
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