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8. Repeat Step 7 to calculate the maximum values for each of the fi ve plants and
move those calculated values to the range B10:F10, and then repeat to calculate
the minimum production values and drag and drop those calculated values to the
range B11:F11.
9. In the Production History worksheet, enter the following data:
Cell A1: Global Site GPS
Cell A2: Production Report
Cell A3: Model
Cell B3: MapTracker 201
Cell A4: Year
Cell B4: 2013
Cell A5: Total Units Produced
10. In cell B5, use the SUM function to add the values in the range B8:F8.
11. Insert a new worksheet named Plant Directory , and then move it to be the fi rst
worksheet in the workbook.
12. In cells A1 and A2, enter Global Site GPS and Plant Directory , respectively, and
then enter the text shown in Figure 1-35 in the range A4:D9, making sure that the
address is entered on two lines within the cell.
Figure 1-35
Plant directory data
Plant Manager
Karen Brookers
300 Commerce Avenue
Crestwood, MO 63126
(314) 555-3881
Daniel Gomez
15 North Main Street
Edison, NJ 08837
(732) 555-0012
Jody Hetrick
3572 Howard Lane
Weston, FL 33326
(954) 555-4817
Yong Jo
900 South Street
Kirkland, WA 98033
(425) 555-8775
Sandy Nisbett
3771 Water Street
Helena, MT 59623
(406) 555-4114
13. Set the width of column B to 15 characters, the width of column C to 30 characters,
and the width of column D to 16 characters. Autofi t the height of each row to its
14. Insert a new worksheet named Documentation , move it to be the fi rst worksheet in
the workbook, and then enter the following data:
Cell A1: Global Site GPS
Cell A3: Author Cell B3: your name
Cell A4: Date Cell B4: the current date
Cell A5: Purpose Cell B5: Production report for Global Site GPS
15. Switch the Production History worksheet to Page Layout view, change the orientation
to landscape, and then verify that the worksheet fi ts on a single page.
16. Save your workbook, preview and print the workbook, close the workbook, and then
submit the fi nished workbook and printouts to your instructor.
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