Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
Session 2.1
The Format Painter
copies and pastes
formatting from one
cell or range to another
without duplicating
any data.
You can format a text
string within a cell in
Edit mode.
The appearance of text
is determined by its
typeface , which is the
specific design of a set
of characters, inclu ding
letters, numbers,
punctuation marks, and symbols.
The Alignment group has buttons for
setting the horizontal and vertical
alignment, the orientation, indents, and
text wrapping of text in a cell, as well
as merging cells.
You can merge , or combine, several cells
into one cell. This content is merged and
centered across the range A4:F4.
Every font can be
formatted with a font
style such as italic , bold ,
or bold italic and special
effects such as underline,
strikethrough, and color .
You can s et the
font size to
increase or
decrease the size
of the text. Font
sizes are measured
in points , where
one point is
1/72 of an inch.
You can rotate content
in the cell.
The Comma style adds a
thousands separator and
two decimal places to
the right of the decimal
point, and lines up
values by their decimal
points. You can change
how many decimal
places are displayed.
A font is a set of
characters that employ
the same typeface, such
as Arial, Times New
Roman , and Courier .
The Accounting style
lines up currency values
by their currency symbol
and decimal point;
negative numbers are
enclosed in parentheses.
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