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Data Communications
Figure 20
Computer expansion ports
power connection
sound card ports
microphone port
Ethernet port
USB ports
1394 interface port
DVI port
VGA port
digital audio port
A USB Universal Serial Bus ) port is a high-speed port that allows multiple (
tions at the same port. The device you install must have a USB connector , a small
rectangular plug, as shown in Figure 21. When you plug the USB connector into the USB port,
the computer recognizes the device and allows you to use it immediately. USB ports can
be on the front, back, or side of a computer. USB fl ash storage devices plug into USB
ports. Any USB device can use any USB port, interchangeably and in any order. For most
USB devices, power is supplied via the port, so there is no need for extra power cables.
The computer shown in the advertisement in the Visual Overview has six USB ports. Two
of them are on the front of the computer; the others are on the back.
Figure 21
USB connector
Another standard for transferring information between digital devices similar to a
USB is FireWire. FireWire was developed by the Apple Computer company and the
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) standardized the technology as the
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