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Applying Fonts and Font Styles
Applying Fonts and Font Styles
Excel organizes fonts into theme and non-theme fonts. A theme font is associated with
a particular theme and used for headings and body text in the workbook. These fonts
change automatically when you change the theme applied to the workbook. When you
don’t want to apply a font associated with a particular design, you use a non-theme font .
Text formatted with a non-theme font retains its appearance no matter what theme is
used with the workbook.
Fonts appear in different character styles. Serif fonts , such as Times New Roman , have
extra decorative strokes at the end of each character. Sans serif fonts , such as Arial, do
not include these decorative strokes. Other fonts are purely decorative such as a font
used for specialized logos.
Every font can be further formatted with a font style such as italic , bold , or bold italic ,
and special effects such as underline , strikethrough, and color . Finally, you can set the
font size to increase or decrease the size of the text.
You’ll format the company name displayed at the top of each worksheet to appear in
large, bold letters using the default heading font from the Offi ce theme. Tom wants the
slogan “The Intelligent Path to Fitness” displayed below the company name to appear in
the heading font, but in smaller, italicized letters.
To format text in the Documentation worksheet:
1. Click the Documentation sheet tab to make it the active worksheet, and then
click cell to make it the active cell. A1
2. In the Font group on the Home tab, click the Font arrow to display a list of fonts
available on your computer. The first two fonts are the theme fonts for headings
and body text—Cambria and Calibri. See Figure 2-1.
Figure 2-1
Theme and non-theme fonts in the font list
Font arr ow
theme fonts
Font Size arrow
theme and
non-theme fonts
3. Click Cambria . The company name in cell A1 changes to the Cambria font, the
default headings font in the current theme.
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