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Formatting Text Selections
To change the title and slogan font color:
1. Select the range A1:A2 .
2. In the Font group, click the Font Color button arrow to display the theme
and standard colors. (The two colors for hyperlinked text are not shown.)
3. Point to the Blue color (the eighth color) in the Standard Colors section. The color
name appears in a ScreenTip and you see a Live Preview of the text with the blue
font color. See Figure 2-3.
Figure 2-3
Available font colors
10 theme colors (each
has five variations)
Live Preview
shows the text
with the font color
standard colors
Scr eenTip displays the
color name
4. Click the Blue color. The company name and slogan change to blue.
Formatting Text Selections
In the ExerComp logo, “Exer” appears in blue text and “Comp” appears in red text. You’ll
need to format part of the contents in cell A1 one way and the rest a different way. When
you select text in Edit mode, you can format the selection with a different font, size,
style, and color. You’ll format “Comp” in a red font.
To format the Comp text selection:
You can also use the
buttons on the Mini toolbar
to change the font, size,
style, and color of selected
text within a cell.
1. Double-click cell to select the cell and go into Edit mode, and then select Comp . A1
2. In the Font group on the Home tab, click the Font Color button arrow , and
then click the Red color in the Standard Colors section. The text color changes.
See Figure 2-4.
Figure 2-4
Text selection being formatted
selected text
within cell A1
3. Click cell to deselect the cell. The text “ExerComp” in cell A1 is blue and red. A7
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