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Adding a Background Image
Figure 2-5
Formatted labels and text in the Documentation worksheet
Fill Color button
text appears in a
white font on a
blue background
text appears in a
blue font on a
white background
Adding a Background Image
You can use a picture or an image as the background for a worksheet. An image can
give the worksheet a textured appearance, like that of granite, wood, or fi bered paper.
The image is repeated until it fi lls the entire worksheet. The background image does not
affect any cell’s format or content. Background colors applied to cells appear on top of
the image, covering that portion of the image. Background images do not print.
Tom has provided an image for you to use as the background of the Documentation
To add a background image to the Documentation worksheet:
1. Click the Page Layout tab on the Ribbon. The page layout options appear on the
2. In the Page Setup group, click the Background button. The Sheet Background
dialog box opens.
3. Navigate to the Excel2\Tutorial folder included with your Data Files, click the
Background JPEG image file, and then click the Insert button. The image is
added to the background of the Documentation worksheet. See Figure 2-6.
Figure 2-6
Background image added to the worksheet
click to remove the
background image
background comes
from an image file
and is repeated
until it fills the sheet
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