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Formatting Calculated Values
6. In the Clipboard group on the Home tab, click the Copy button
. The formulas
are copied to the Clipboard.
7. Scroll down and select the range C26:D26 . These are the cells in which you want
to paste the copied formulas.
8. In the Clipboard group, click the Paste button . The formulas to calculate
the total annual revenues are pasted in the selected range, displaying totals of
872437.2 in 2011 and 933661.3 in 2012. See Figure 2-7.
Figure 2-7
Formulas calculate the total units sold and total revenue
SUM f unction
sum of units sold
per year
sum of sales
revenue per year
The formula results are diffi cult to read in their current form. You’ll correct that
problem shortly.
To calculate the net change in units sold and revenue from 2011 to 2012, you’ll
subtract the 2011 fi gures from the 2012 fi gures. To calculate the percent change, you’ll
divide the net change by the 2011 units sold and revenue fi gures for each sales region as
well as across all sales regions.
To calculate the net and percent change from 2011 to 2012:
1. In cells E6 and E17, enter the label Increase , and then, in cells F6 and F17, enter
the label % Increase .
2. In cell E7, enter the formula =D7–C7 to calculate the increase in units sold from
2011 to 2012.
3. In cell F7, enter the formula =E7/C7 to calculate the percent increase in units sold
from 2011 to 2012. When calculating a percent increase, always divide the amount
of increase by the starting value and not the ending value.
4. Select the range E7:F7 . Rather than reenter the formulas in cells E7 and F7, you’ll
copy and paste them into the rest of the worksheet.
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