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Merging Cells
To indent the region labels:
1. Select the nonadjacent range B7:B14;B18:B25 .
2. In the Alignment group on the Home tab, click the Increase Indent button
Each region label indents one character space.
3. Click cell to deselect the range. See Figure 2-14. A6
Figure 2-14
Centered and indented text
text centered
in each cell
text indented one
character space
Merging Cells
In the Yearly Sales worksheet, Tom wants the title “X310 Yearly Sales Analysis” in cell A4
centered over columns A through F. One way to align text over several columns or rows
is to merge several cells into one cell. When you merge cells, only the content from the
upper-left cell in the range is retained. The cell reference for the merged cell is the
upperleft cell reference. So, if you merge cells A1 and A2, the merged cell reference is cell A1.
After you merge a range into a single cell, you can realign its content. The Merge
button in the Alignment group on the Home tab includes the following options:
Merge & Center merges the range into one cell and horizontally centers the content.
Merge Across merges each of the rows in the selected range across the columns in
the range.
Merge Cells merges the range into a single cell, but does not horizontally center the
cell content.
Unmerge Cells reverses a merge, returning the merged cell back into a range of
individual cells.
You will merge and center the title in cell A4 across the range A4:F4.
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