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Copying and Pasting Formats
3. In the Line group, click the Color arrow to display the color palette, and then
click Green (the sixth color) in the Standard Colors section.
4. Click the bottom border of the border preview. A green bottom border is shown
in the preview. See Figure 2-19.
Figure 2-19
Border tab in the Format Cells dialog box
add s a border
around the entire
cell or range
adds lines
within the
removes all borders
border line styles
of the
border style
border lin e color
set to green
5. Click the OK button. The dialog box closes and the cells with column titles have a
green bottom border.
Copying and Pasting Formats
You have not yet formatted the titles in cells A1 and A2 of the Yearly Sales worksheet
to match the style you used for the Documentation worksheet. You could repeat the
same steps to format these cells, but a quicker method is to copy those formats from the
Documentation worksheet into the Yearly Sales worksheet.
Copying Formats with the Format Painter
Using the Format Painter is a fast and effi cient way of maintaining a consistent look and
feel throughout a workbook. So, after you set the formatting in one cell, you can copy
that formatting to another cell or range without duplicating the data.
You’ll use the Format Painter to copy the cell formats from the range A1:A2 in the
Documentation worksheet into the same range in the Yearly Sales worksheet.
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