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Copying Formats with Paste Special
Copying Formats with Paste Special
The Paste Special command is another way to control what you paste from the Clipboard.
To use Paste Special, select and copy a range, select the range where you want to paste
the Clipboard contents, click the Paste button arrow in the Clipboard group on the Home
tab, and then click Paste Special to open the dialog box shown in Figure 2-21. From the
Paste Special dialog box, you can control exactly how to paste the copied range.
Figure 2-21
Paste Special dialog box
pastes val ues and formats
pastes only formulas
pastes only the cell value, not
the formula
pastes only the format, not
the value or formula
pastes the selected
range rotated 90
applies the selected operation
to the copied value
So far, you have formatted cells and ranges in Tom’s workbook. In the next session,
you’ll work with built-in styles, themes, table styles, conditional formatting, and page
layout tools.
Session 2.1 Quick Check
1. What is the difference between a serif font and a sans serif font?
2. What is the difference between a theme color and a standard color?
3. What is the General number format?
4. Why are dates right-aligned within a worksheet cell by default?
5. The range A1:C5 is merged into a single cell. What is the cell reference of this
merged cell?
6. Where can you access all the formatting options for worksheet cells?
7. What are three tools you can use to copy and paste only the formatting of a cell?
8. Describe how you would use the Paste Special dialog box to multiply every
value in a selected range by 2.
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