Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
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Session 2.2
The Page Layout tab has
options you can use to
define print formatting.
A header is information
that appears in the top
margin of each printed
page. It often includes
summary information
such as the filename and
the date.
You can apply a collection of
common formats, called a
style, to different cells using
the Cell Styles button.
You can set print titles ,
information that appears
on every printed page,
by specifying rows or
columns to repeat on the
top or left of each page;
use the Print Titles
button on the Page
Layout tab to do this.
Banded rows displays
alternate rows in an
Excel table with different
fill colors. You can also
create banded columns.
A footer is information
that is printed in the
bottom margin of each
printed page. Like a
header, it often includ es
summary information
such as the current page
number and the number
of pages in the printout.
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