Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
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Session 2.2
The Table Too ls tab appears
when an Excel table is selected.
After you identify a range
as an Excel table, you can
apply a table style that
formats the entire table as
a single unit.
A margin is the space
between the page content
and the edges of the page.
These op tional
elements can be
added to or removed
from a table style.
A conditional format
applies formatting only
when a cell's value meets a
specified condition. This is
often used to help analyze
data. Cell highlighting
applies a different font
color and fill color to data
that matches specified
criteria, such as the top 10.
You can treat a range of
data as a distinct object in
a w orksheet known as an
Excel table . The entire
table is formatted using a
single table style.
In Page Layout view, the
worksheet is displayed as
it will appear on the
printed page.
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