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Working with Themes
Working with Themes
Most of the formatting you have applied so far is based on the workbook’s current
theme—the default Offi ce theme. As you’ve seen, fonts, colors, and cell styles are
organized in theme and non-theme categories. The appearance of these fonts, colors, and cell
styles depends on the workbook’s current theme. If you change the theme, the formatting
of these elements also changes throughout the entire workbook.
You’ll change the workbook’s theme to see its effect on the workbook’s appearance.
To change the workbook’s theme:
1. Click the Page Layout tab on the Ribbon.
2. In the Themes group, click the Themes button. The Themes gallery opens.
Office—the current theme—is the default.
3. Point to each theme in the Themes gallery. Live Preview shows how each theme
changes the appearance of the Yearly Sales worksheet.
4. Click the Apex theme to apply that theme to the workbook. See Figure 2-24.
Figure 2-24
Apex theme applied to the yearly sales data
Themes button
differen t font is used
for the heading
different fonts an d fill colors
appear in the tw o tables
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