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Security Threats on Your Computer
Another benefi t of using the Internet is the World Wide Web , often referred to simply
as the Web . The Web is a huge database of information that is stored on network
servers in places that allow public access. Information is stored as a special type of text fi le
called a Web page , which can include text, graphics, sound, animation, and video. A
collection of Web pages is called a Web site .
The evolution of multimedia and Internet technologies has made the Web the perfect
communications tool for marketing business services and products. Hyperlinks are the
primary resource for making the Web possible. A hyperlink , or link , is a place on a Web
page that is programmed to connect to a particular fi le on the same network server, or
even on a network server on the other side of the globe. The communications software
that helps you navigate the Web is called Web browsing software , or a Web browser .
Figure 23 shows a sample Web page in the Internet Explorer Web browser.
Figure 23
Web page on the World Wide Web
links on a Web page
graph ic on
a Web page
You decide to include the benefi ts of Internet and World Wide Web access in your
recommendation to Elizabeth and Scott. Specifi cally, you plan to convince them that
they could sell their products over the Internet.
Security Threats on Your Computer
Security refers to the steps a computer owner takes to prevent unauthorized use of or
damage to the computer. After a computer is connected to a network, it is essential to
protect the computer against possible threats from people intent on stealing information
or causing malicious damage. There are several types of security threats.
Malware is a broad term that describes any program that is intended to cause harm or
convey information to others without the owner’s permission. Unscrupulous
programmers deliberately construct harmful programs, called viruses , which instruct your
computer to perform annoying or destructive activities, such as erasing data or causing your
hard disk to require reformatting. Worms and Trojan horses are specifi c types of viruses.
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