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Selecting Table Style Options
6. In the Medium section, click Table Style Medium 20 (the third table style in the
sixth column). The table styles in the gallery show the formatting applied to the
current table elements. See Figure 2-31.
Figure 2-31
Revised table style
selected table elements
are displayed in the table
click to view the
Table Styles gallery
header row
last colum n
A table style might not format a table exactly the way you want. For example, Tom
wants the column titles in the header row to be centered and the Total row to have a
single top border and a double bottom border. Because the table style you used does not
include either of these formats, you’ll add these formats to the table cells. You can use
cell styles and the formatting tools you’ve used with individual cells and ranges to format
Excel tables.
To format the header row and the Total row:
1. Select the range C6:K6 . You’ll change the alignment of the header row.
2. Click the Home tab on the Ribbon, and then click the Center button
in the
Alignment group. The column titles are centered.
3. Select the range B19:K19 . You’ll apply a different cell style to the Total row.
4. In the Styles group, click the Cell Styles button, and then click Total (the sixth
cell style) in the Titles and Headings section.
5. Click cell to deselect the range. The Total row is formatted in bold with a A5
single top border and a double bottom border.
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