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Highlighting Cells with Conditional Formats
Figure 2-33
Conditional format highlights positive cell values
Conditional Formatting button
positive values are
highlighted in green
From the highlighting, you can tell that most regions and months had increased sales
in 2012. Most of the declines occurred in regions R02, R05, and R08. Tom wonders if
some months or regions had particularly strong sales increases. You’ll fi rst clear the
current highlighting. Note that clearing a conditional format doesn’t affect the contents of
the cells.
To clear a conditional format:
1. Select the range C37:J48 .
2. In the Styles group on the Home tab, click the Conditional Formatting button,
point to Clear Rules , and then click Clear Rules from Selected Cells . The current
highlighting is removed.
Now add a conditional format that highlights the regions and months that rank in the
top 10 percent in terms of net sales increase from 2011 to 2012.
To highlight the top 10 percent in sales increase:
1. Make sure the range C37:J48 is still selected.
2. In the Styles group, click the Conditional Formatting button, point to
Top/Bottom Rules , and then click Top 10 % . The Top 10% dialog box opens.
3. Verify that is entered in the % box, click the with arrow, and then click Green 10
Fill with Dark Green Text .
4. Click the OK button. Cells whose sales increases for 2011 and 2012 were in the
top 10 percent are highlighted in green.
5. Click cell A35 to deselect the range. See Figure 2-34.
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