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Adding Print Titles
Figure 2-38
Worksheet in Page Break Preview
click to set or clear
the print area
click to add or
remove a page break
first page
manual page breaks
second page
Page Break
Previ ew button
third page
4. Click the Page Layout button on the status bar, and then verify that each
table appears on a separate page.
Adding Print Titles
It is a good practice to include descriptive information, such as the company name, logo,
and worksheet title on each page of a printout in case a page becomes separated from
the other pages. You can repeat information, such as the company name, by
specifying which rows or columns in the worksheet act as print titles. If a worksheet contains a
large table, you can print the table’s column headings and row headings on every page
of your printout by designating those initial columns and rows as print titles.
In the Monthly Sales worksheet, the company name, the slogan, and the worksheet
title all appear on the fi rst page of the printout, but do not appear on the other two
pages. You will defi ne the range that includes this text as a print title. These four rows will
then print on each page.
To define the print title for the pages:
1. In the Page Setup group on the Page Layout tab, click the Print Titles button.
The Page Setup dialog box opens with the Sheet tab displayed.
2. Click the Rows to repeat at top box, move your pointer over the worksheet, and
then select the range A1:A4 . A flashing border appears around the first four rows
of the worksheet as a visual indicator that the contents of the first four rows will
be repeated on each page of the printout. The cell reference $1:$4 appears in the
Rows to repeat at top box.
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