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Creating Page Headers and Footers
3. Click the OK button.
4. Scroll through the second and third pages of the printout in Page Layout view to
verify that the company name, slogan, and worksheet title appear on each page.
See Figure 2-39.
Figure 2-39
Third page of the printout
click t o define
the print titles
first four rows
are printed on
every page
The Sheet tab in the Page Setup dialog box provides other print options, such as printing
the gridlines or row and column headings. You can also print the worksheet in black and
white or in draft quality. For a multiple page printout, you can specify whether the pages
are ordered by going down the worksheet and then across, or across fi rst and then down.
Creating Page Headers and Footers
Another way to repeat information on each printed page is with headers and footers.
Headers and footers contain helpful and descriptive text that is usually not found within
the worksheet, such as the workbook’s author, the current date, or the workbook fi
lename. If the printout covers multiple pages, you can display the page number and the
total number of pages in the printout to help ensure you and others have all the pages.
The header and footer each have three sections: a left section, a center section, and a
right section. Within each section, you type the text you want to appear or insert
elements such as the worksheet name or the current date and time. These header and footer
elements are dynamic; if you rename the worksheet, for example, the name is
automatically updated in the header or footer.
Tom wants his printouts to display the workbook’s fi lename in the header’s left section
and the current date in the header’s right section. He wants the center footer to display
the page number and the total number of pages in the printout, and the right footer to
display your name as the workbook’s author.
To insert a header and footer:
1. In Page Layout view, change the zoom level of the worksheet to 90% .
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