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Defining the Page Margins
Dei ning the Page Margins
Another way to fi t a large worksheet on a single page is to reduce the size of the page
margins. By default, Excel sets the page margins to between 0.7 and 0.75 inches, and
allows for 0.3-inch margins around the page header and footer. You can reduce or
increase these margins as needed by selecting from a set of predefi ned margin sizes or
defi ning your own.
Tom’s reports need wide margins to accommodate the page binding. You will change
the default margins for the printout.
To set the page margins:
1. Click the Page Layout tab on the Ribbon.
2. In the Page Setup group, click the Margins button. A menu opens with a list of
predefined margins.
3. Click Wide to set 1-inch margins around the printed content with 0.5-inch
margins around the header and footer. The size of the margins around the page
increases, but does not affect the content. Each of the three tables and the print
titles still fit on single sheets.
Tom is happy with the appearance of the worksheet and the layout of the printout. You
will save the workbook, and then print the Monthly Sales worksheet.
To save the workbook and print the worksheet:
1. Click the Normal button
on the status bar to return the Monthly Sales
worksheet to Normal view.
2. Save the workbook.
3. Print the Monthly Sales worksheet, and then close the workbook. Each table is
printed on a separate page, and the headers and footers display the filename,
current date, page number and total number of pages, and your name.
Tom will distribute the fi nished report during the upcoming sales meeting.
Session 2.2 Quick Check
1. Discuss two methods of applying the same format to different ranges.
2. Describe the difference between a cell style and a table style.
3. What are the six table style options you can turn on and off?
4. What is a conditional format?
5. How would you highlight the top fi ve values in the range A1:C20?
6. How do you insert a page break into a worksheet?
7. What are print titles?
8. Describe how to add the workbook fi lename in the center section of the footer
on every page of your printout.
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