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Case Problems.
6. Merge and center the range A3:A16, set the alignment to Middle Align, rotate the
text up, apply the Accent1 cell style, increase the font size to 18 points, and then
bold the text.
7. Use the Format Painter to copy the format of merged cell A3 into the two ranges
A18:A31 and A33:A46.
8. Center the text in the range C3:H3. Format the range C4:H16 to include thousands
separators (,) and no decimal places. Use the Format Painter to copy the formats in
the range C3:H16 to the two ranges C18:H31 and C33:H46.
9. In the range B3:H16, apply the Table Style Medium 2 table style. Turn off the fi lter
arrows, and then display the header row, fi rst column, last column, and banded
rows. In the range B16:H16, change the fi ll color of the Total row to standard yellow.
10. Repeat Step 9 for the other two tables in the worksheet.
11. In the Glove Sales worksheet, set the page orientation to landscape, insert manual
page breaks at cells A18 and A33, and then repeat the fi rst two rows of the
worksheet on every printed page.
12. Display your name in the center header, display the fi lename in the left footer,
display Page page number of number of pages in the center footer, and then display the
current date in the right footer.
13. Save and close your workbook. Submit the fi nished workbook to your instructor.
Case Problem 2
Add formulas
and formatting
to create a
packing slip.
Data File needed for the Case Problem: GrillRite.xlsx
GrillRite Grills Brian Simpko is a shipping manager at GrillRite Grills in Hammond,
Indiana. He uses an Excel workbook to provide shipping and order information for
customer orders and deliveries. You will create and format the worksheet that Brian can use
to enter information for packing slips. Complete the following:
1. Open the GrillRite workbook located in the Excel2\Case2 folder included with
your Data Files, and then save the workbook as GrillRite Grills Packing Slip . In the
Documentation sheet, enter your name in cell B3 and the date in cell B4.
2. Insert a new worksheet at the end of the workbook, and then rename it Packing Slip .
3. In the Packing Slip worksheet, select all of the cells in the worksheet. ( Hint : Click the
Select All button at the intersection of the row and column headings.) Change the
font to the Body font of the current theme. For the range A1:D3, set the fi ll color to
black and the font color to white.
4. Set the width of columns A through D to 20 characters. Set the height of rows 1 to 36.
5. Merge the range A1:B3, and then left- and top-align the merged cell. Merge the
range C1:D3, and then right- and top-align the merged cell.
6. In cell A1, enter the following three lines of text, and then format the fi rst line in a
26-point bold font using the Headings font of the current theme:
GrillRite Grills
200 Commerce Lane
Hammond, Indiana 46324
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