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Case Problems.
Figure 2-42
GrillRite Grills packing slip
21. Make sure the worksheet’s page orientation is set to portrait, and then add a footer
that displays your name in the left section, the fi lename in the center section, and
the current date in the right section.
22. Save and close your workbook. Submit the fi nished workbook to your instructor,
either in printed or electronic form, as requested.
Case Problem 3
Apply conditional
formats to
create a wind
speed grid.
Data File needed for the Case Problem: Wind.xlsx
Arcadia Wind Farm Tara Young is a researcher at Arcadia Wind Farm, a government
research center near Topeka, Kansas, involved in exploring how to create economical
and effi cient wind farms. One of Tara’s jobs is to record wind speeds from different
sectors of the wind farm. Tara has entered the wind speed data into a workbook as a table
with wind speed measures laid out in a grid. Because the numbers are diffi cult to read
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