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Case Problems.
and interpret, you will color code the wind speed values using a conditional format.
Complete the following:
1. Open the Wind workbook located in the Excel2\Case3 folder included with your
Data Files, and then save the workbook as Wind Farm . In the Documentation sheet,
enter your name and the date.
2. Go to the Wind Speed Grid worksheet. Merge the range A1:V1, and then apply the
Heading 1 style to the merged cell and set the font size to 20 points.
3. Select the range B3:V3, and then change the font style to white text on a black
background. Copy this formatting to the grid coordinates in the range A4:A64.
4. Select the range B4:V64. The data in this range comprises the wind speed measures
for different sensors in Sector 5.
5. Create a conditional formatting that highlights cells whose value equals 18 with fi ll
color equal to the RGB color value (99, 37, 35). ( Hint : In the Equal To dialog box,
select Custom Format in the with box to open the Format Cells dialog box. On the
Fill tab, in the Background Color section, click the More Colors button, and then
click the Custom tab to enter the RGB color value.)
6. Repeat Step 5 to continue creating conditional formats that set highlight colors for
the following wind speed values:
Wind Speed RGB Color Value
16 m/s (150, 54, 52)
14 m/s (218, 150, 148)
12 m/s (230, 184, 183)
10 m/s (242, 220, 219)
8 m/s (242, 242, 242)
6 m/s (255, 255, 255)
4 m/s (197, 217, 241)
2 m/s (141, 180, 226)
0 m/s (83, 141, 213)
7. In the range B4:V64, reduce the font size of the values to 1 point.
8. Enclose each of the cells in the range B4:V64 in a light gray border.
9. Apply the conditional highlight colors specifi ed in Steps 5 and 6 to the legend values
in the cell range X3:X12.
10. Merge the range Y3:Y12, and then center the contents of the merged cell and rotate
the text down. Display the text in a bold 18-point font.
11. Set the print area of the page to the range A1:Y64.
12. On the Page Layout tab, scale the page to fi t on a single page. ( Hint : Use the Width
and Height boxes in the Scale to Fit group to force the worksheet to fi t on one page.)
13. Add a header to the printed page with your name in the top-left header and the fi
lename in the top-right header.
14. Save and close your workbook. Submit the fi nished workbook to your instructor,
either in printed or electronic form, as requested.
Format a
worksheet that
highcalorie and
highfat foods.
Case Problem 4
Data File needed for the Case Problem: Life.xlsx
Life Managers Kate Dee is a dietician at Life Managers, a company in Kleinville,
Michigan, that specializes in personal improvement, particularly in areas of health and
fi tness. Kate wants to create a meal-planning workbook for her clients who want to lose
weight and improve their health. One goal of meal planning is to decrease the
percentage of fat in the diet. Kate thinks it would be helpful to highlight foods that have a high
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