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Understanding Cell References.
Figure 3-1
Monthly expenses for the Drake family
monthly expenses
by category
Diane wants you to calculate the total expenses for each month. You’ll start by
inserting the formula to calculate the January expenses and then paste that formula into the
remaining months of the year.
To calculate the total monthly expenses:
1. In cell C32, enter the formula =SUM(C22:C31) to add the estimated expenses
for the month of January. The value 6,460 is displayed in cell C32, indicating that
Diane estimates the couple will spend $6,460 in January of the upcoming year.
2. Click cell C32 to select it.
3. Click the Home tab on the Ribbon, if necessary, and then click the Copy
in the Clipboard group.
4. Select the range D32:N32 , and then click the Paste button in the Clipboard
group. The SUM function is pasted into the selected range, calculating the total
expenses for the remaining months of the year. See Figure 3-2.
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