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To enter the couple’s estimated monthly income:
1. Scroll to the top of the worksheet, and then enter the following data in the
specified cells:
cell D5: 2800
cell E5: 2100
cell D6: 1300
cell E6: 2600
2. Select the range D7:E7 . You’ll enter the monthly income totals in these cells.
3. In the Editing group on the Home tab, click the Sum button . The total
estimated income is calculated for the school and summer months. See Figure 3-4.
Figure 3-4
Monthly income estimates
Sum button
estimated income
during the school
and summer months
Next, you’ll calculate the couple’s projected income for January through May by
referencing the values you just entered at the top of the worksheet. The couple will have
the same income for the next four months as they did in January, so you can copy the
formulas from January into February through May.
To insert the monthly income for January through May:
1. Click cell C19 , type =D5 , and then press the Enter key. The value 2,800, Diane’s
income for January, appears in cell C19.
2. In cell C20, enter the formula =D6 . The value 1,300, Glenn’s income for January,
appears in cell C20.
3. In cell C21, enter the formula =C19+C20 . This formula calculates the total income
for the couple in the month of January, displaying the value 4,100.
4. Select the range C19:C21 , and then click the Copy button in the Clipboard
group on the Home tab. The three formulas are copied to the Clipboard.
5. Select the range D19:G21 , and then click the Paste button in the Clipboard
group. The formulas are pasted and calculate the couple’s income for January
through May. See Figure 3-5.
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