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Typing a Function
Figure 3-15
Function being typed into a cell
ScreenTip describes
the select ed function
list of Excel function s
starting with MI
4. Double-click MIN in the list box. The MIN function with its opening parenthesis
is inserted into cell F11 and a ScreenTip shows the syntax for the function. At this
point, you can either type in the range reference or select the range with your
mouse. To avoid typing errors, it’s often better to use your mouse to enter range
5. Select the range C21:N21 . The range reference is added to the formula.
6. Type (the closing parenthesis), and then press the Enter key. The formula )
=MIN(C21:N21) is inserted in cell F11, displaying the value 4,100. This is the
minimum amount that Diane expects the couple to bring home in a single month for
the upcoming year.
Next, you’ll calculate the minimum monthly expense projected for the year.
Be sure to end this and all
functions with the closing
parenthesis ) to ensure
that Excel interprets the
formula correctly.
7. Click cell F15 , and then repeat Steps 2 through 6 to enter the formula
=MIN(C32:N32) in cell F15. The cell displays the value 2,795, which is the lowest
amount that Diane expects to spend in a single month in the upcoming year.
The fi nal piece of the year-end summary is the maximum monthly value for both
income and expenses. Maximum values are calculated using the MAX function.
To calculate the maximum value for monthly income and expenses:
1. Click cell F12 , and then enter the formula =MAX(C21:N21) . The value 4,700
appears in cell F12, indicating that the maximum income the couple can expect in
a single month is $4,700.
Trouble? If #NAME? appears in the cell, you probably mistyped the function
name. Edit the formula to correct the misspelling.
2. Click cell F16 , and then enter the formula =MAX(C32:N32) . The value 6,985
appears in cell F16, indicating that the maximum expenses for a single month are
projected to be $6,985. See Figure 3-16.
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