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Figure 3-16
Year-end summary values
MAX function formula returns the
maximum value in the range C32:N32
minimum and maximum
monthly income
minimum and maximum
monthly expenses
Based on the year-end summary, Diane and Glenn’s monthly income will range from
a minimum of $4,100 to a maximum of $4,700 with an average of $4,250. Monthly
expenses, on the other hand, range from a minimum of $2,795 to a maximum of $6,985
with an average of $3,763. This budget does not have a lot of wiggle room.
Diane has just been promoted at work. Her income will increase to $3,100 per month
during the school year. She wants to know how this affects the year-end summary.
To modify Diane’s estimated income:
1. In cell D5, enter the value 3100 .
2. Confirm that Diane’s monthly income for January through May and September
through December has been automatically updated.
3. Review how the year-end summary data has changed. See Figure 3-17.
Figure 3-17
Revised income projection
income projection
changed from 2,800
to 3,100
mmary es timates
updated based on new
income projection
Diane's income
during school months
updated to $3,100
total income updated
to reflect the new
income projection
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