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Session 3.2
A logical function is a
function that works with
statements that are either
true or false.
A financial function is a
function related to monetar y
calculations, such as loans
and payments.
A date function is a function
that inserts or calculates
dates and times.
The TODAY function
is a date function
that displays the
current date.
An IF function is a logical
function that tests a
condition and then returns
one value if the co ndition is
true and another value if the
condition is false.
This IF function tests whether
the value of cell E33 is greater
than or equal to th e value in
cell L11 (E33>=$L$11). If the
condition is true, the function
returns the first value ($L$10);
if false, it returns the second
value (0).
The PMT function calculates
the amount of a monthly
loan payment, based on ra te
(the interest rate per month),
nper (the total number of
months to pay back the
loan), and pv (the present
value of the loan).
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