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Application Software
Document production software includes word processing software, desktop
publishing software, email editors, and Web authoring software. All of these production tools
have a variety of features that assist you in writing and formatting documents, including
changing the font (the style of type) or adding color and design elements. Most offer spell
checking to help you avoid typographical and spelling errors, as shown in Figure 27.
Many also provide grammar checking and thesaurus tools to improve your writing by
offering suggestions and alternatives.
Figure 27
Checking the spelling in a document
wavy red lin e indicates
a possible spelling error
Data communications makes possible the production of documents referred to as
electronic publishing . Instead of printing and distributing documents on paper, many
businesses and individuals transmit documents electronically by including them in email
messages, making them available on the Web, or viewing them simultaneously in
electronic conferences.
Web site creation and management software allows you to create and manage Web
sites. It allows you to see what the Web pages will look like as you create them. With
Web site creation and management software, you can add text, images, links,
animation, and sound to a Web page. You can also transform word processing documents into
Web pages.
Spreadsheet software is a numerical analysis tool that both businesses and individuals
use extensively. You can use spreadsheet software, for example, to maintain your
checkbook register. Spreadsheet software creates a worksheet , composed of a grid of columns
and rows. Each column is lettered, and each row is numbered. The intersection of a
column and row is a cell . You type numbers into the cells, and then create mathematical
formulas into other cells that perform calculations using these numbers. With the
appropriate data and formulas, you can use an electronic spreadsheet to prepare fi nancial
reports, analyze investment portfolios, calculate amortization tables, examine
alternative bid proposals, and project income, as well as perform many other tasks involved in
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