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Session 3.2
AutoFill can extend a series
of numbers, patterned text,
and dates into the new
selection. In this case,
AutoFill generated the
abbreviations of month
AutoFill copies content and
formats from a cell or range
into an adjacent cell or
range. The cell contents can
be text, values, or formulas.
The fill handle appears in
the lower-right corner of a
selected cell or range.
Dragging the fill handle over
an adjacent cell or range
copies the content and
formatting from the original
cells into the sel ected range.
The PMT function is a
financial function that
calculates the monthly
payment required to
pay back a loan.
The Auto Fill Options button
appears after you complete
the fill so you can select
whether to copy cell content
and formatting, extend the
data series, fill only the cell
formatting, or fill only cell
Payments are expressed as
negative numbers because
they are treated as
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