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Using the Fill Handle
Figure 3-19
January net cash fl ow
January net cash flow equals income
(cell C21) minus expenses (cell C32)
highlights the
negative cash
flow (less than 0)
for January
Your calculations show that the couple’s expenses will exceed their income by more
than $2,000 in January. This is due to the cost of tuition that must be paid that month.
You could copy and paste the formula and formatting from cell C33 into the rest of
the row to calculate the net cash fl ow for the other months, as you’ve done before, but
AutoFill is faster.
Using the Fill Handle
After you select a range, the fi ll handle appears in the lower-right corner of the selection.
When you drag the fi ll handle over an adjacent range, Excel uses AutoFill to copy the
content and formats from the original cell into the adjacent range. This process is often
more effi cient than the two-step process of copying and pasting.
Copying Formulas and Formats with AutoFill
• Select the cell or range that contains the formula or formulas you want to copy.
• Drag the fill handle in the direction you want to copy the formula(s) and then release
the mouse button.
• To copy only the formats or only the formulas, click the Auto Fill Options button and
select the appropriate option.
• Select the cell or range that contains the formula or formulas you want to copy.
• In the Editing group on the Home tab, click the Fill button.
• Select the appropriate fill direction and fill type.
Click Series, enter the desired fill series options, and then click the OK button.
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