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Using the Fill Handle
You will use the fi ll handle to copy the formula and conditional formatting you
entered in cell C33 into the remaining cells in the Net Cash Flow row.
To copy the cash flow formula and formatting with the fill handle:
1. Click cell C33 to select it, if necessary. The fill handle appears in the lower-right
corner of the cell.
2. Position the pointer over the fill handle in the lower-right corner of the cell. The
pointer changes to
3. Click and drag the fill handle over the range D33:N33 . A dotted outline appears
around the selected range as you move the pointer.
With AutoFill, formulas
can easily be copied into
the wrong range; if that
happens, click the Undo
button and try again.
4. Release the mouse button. The selected range is filled in with the formula and
formatting from cell C33, and the Auto Fill Options button appears in the lower-right
corner of the selected cells. See Figure 3-20.
Figure 3-20
Formulas and formatting pasted with AutoFill
formula to calculate the
January net cash flow
highlights months of
negative cash flow
the formulas and
formats in cell C33
are filled into the
selected range
Auto Fill Options button
fill handle
5. Review the monthly net cash flows to confirm that AutoFill correctly copied the
formula and conditional formatting into the selected range.
These calculations provide Diane with a better picture of how the couple’s net cash
fl ow varies from month to month. Only in January and August, when Glenn’s tuition
payments are due, do the couple’s expenses exceed their income. In most months, their
income exceeds expenses by about $1,500. In June, however, the net cash fl ow, while
positive, is projected to be only $205.
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