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Using the Auto Fill Options Button
Using the Auto Fill Options Button
By default, AutoFill copies both the content and the formatting of the original range
to the selected range. However, sometimes you might want to copy only the content
or only the formatting. The Auto Fill Options button that appears after you release the
mouse button lets you specify what is copied. As shown in Figure 3-21, clicking this
button provides a list of Auto-Fill options. The Copy Cells option, which is the default,
copies both the content and the formatting. The Fill Formatting Only option copies the
formatting into the selected cells but not any content. The Fill Without Formatting option
copies the content but not the formatting.
Figure 3-21
Auto Fill Options button
copies the formulas, values,
and formatting (th e default)
copies only the formatting
copies only the formulas or
values but not the formatting
Filling a Series
AutoFill can also be used to create a series of numbers, dates, or text based on a pattern.
To create a series of numbers, you enter the initial values in the series in a selected range
and then use AutoFill to complete the series. Figure 3-22 shows how AutoFill can be
used to insert the numbers from 1 to 10 in a selected range. You enter the fi rst few
numbers in the range A1:A3 to establish the pattern for AutoFill to use, consecutive positive
integers in this example. Then, you select the range and drag the fi ll handle over the cells
where you want the pattern continued. In Figure 3-22, the fi ll handle is dragged over the
range A4:A10 and Excel fi lls in the rest of the series.
Figure 3-22
AutoFill extends a numeric sequence
initial range
establishes the
series pattern
dragging the fill
handle extends
the pattern to
the larger range
fill handle
AutoFill can extend a wide variety of series, including dates and times and patterned
text. Figure 3-23 shows examples of some series that AutoFill can generate. In each case,
you must provide enough information for AutoFill to identify the pattern. AutoFill can
recognize some patterns from only a single value, such as Jan or January, to create a
series of month abbreviations or names, or Mon or Monday, to create a series of the days
of the week. A text pattern that includes a text string and a number such as Region 1,
Region 2, and so on can also be automatically extended using AutoFill.
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