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Using the Auto Fill Options Button
To use AutoFill to enter a series of months:
1. In cell C35, enter Jan . This is the first value in the series. Because “Jan” is a
common abbreviation for January, Excel recognizes it as a month and you don’t need
to type “Feb” for the next month in the series.
2. Select cell C35 , if necessary.
3. Drag the fill handle over the range D35:N35 . As you drag the fill handle,
ScreenTips show the month abbreviations for the selected cell.
4. Release the mouse button. AutoFill enters the remaining three-letter abbreviations
for each month of the year.
5. Select the range C18:N18 , and then click the Format Painter button in the
Clipboard group on the Home tab. You’ll apply this formatting to the entries in
the range C35:N35.
6. Click cell C35 to apply the format to the range C35:N35, and then click cell A35
to deselect the column titles. See Figure 3-24.
Figure 3-24
Month labels and formatting
initial entry
month abbreviations
inserted with AutoFill
Next, you’ll enter formulas to calculate the changing balance in the couple’s main
savings account. The main savings account balance at the end of each month is
determined by four factors:
1. The balance at the beginning of the month
2. Money deposited from the couple’s paychecks at the beginning of the month
3. Money withdrawn to pay for expenses
4. Money transferred into a home savings account reserved for a down payment on a
mortgage. (Diane and Glenn have not yet decided how much they want to transfer
into this account, so you’ll leave that value blank for now.)
You’ll start by calculating the balance in the couple’s account at the end of January.
To calculate the January balance in the savings account:
1. In cell C36, enter the formula =K5 . The formula references the balance in the
main savings account at the beginning of the year, which is stored in cell K5.
2. In cell C37, enter =C21 to retrieve the couple’s January income. The relative
reference will change when you copy the formula to other months.
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