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Developing a Savings Plan
6. Change the fill color of cell C43 to Orange, Accent 6, Lighter 60% (the last color
in the third row of the Theme Colors section).
7. Click cell C43 to select it, if necessary. See Figure 3-29.
Figure 3-29
Ending January balances in the Main and Home accounts
transfer amount specified in cell L10
home savings account balance for January
Now you’ll insert the savings balances for the remaining months of the year,
transferring $800 each month from the main savings account to the home savings account. As
you did for the main savings account, you need to modify the formulas in row 41 so that
the starting balance for February through December is taken from the ending balance of
the previous month.
To complete the formulas for the home savings account:
1. Click cell C39 , and then drag the fill handle over the range D39:N39 . The formula
=$L$10 is inserted in each cell in the range. The ending balance for December
drops to $2,950, which is the final balance in the main account after transferring
$800 per month.
2. Copy the range C41:C43 , and then paste it into the range D41:D43 . The formulas
and formatting from January are entered for February. The starting balance for
February shows the initial balance in the home savings account, $0, rather than
the ending balance from January, $800.
3. Change the formula in cell D41 to =C43 so that the February starting balance is
taken from the January ending balance. Cell D41 correctly shows the February
starting balance of 800, and cell D43 displays the value 1,600, the ending balance
for February.
4. Select the range D41:D43 , and then drag the fill handle over the range E41:N43 .
The formulas and formatting from February are copied to the remaining months
of the year.
5. Click cell N43 to deselect the range. Figure 3-30 shows the monthly balances for
both accounts from January through December.
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