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Figure 29
Slide in Microsoft PowerPoint 2010
graphics on a slide
Photo editing software allows you to manipulate digital photos. You can make the
images brighter, add special effects, add other images, or crop the photo to include only
relevant parts of the image. Examples of photo editing software are Adobe Photoshop
and Picasa. Video editing software , such as Windows Live Movie Maker or Adobe
Premier allows you to edit video by clipping it, adding captions and a soundtrack, or
rearranging clips.
Multimedia authoring software allows you to record digital sound fi les, video fi les,
and animations that can be included in presentations and other documents. Macromedia
Director is an example of software used to create fi les that include multimedia. Most
application software allows users to integrate these multimedia elements into other types
of fi les.
Accounting software helps individuals and businesses create and track budgets. You
can input your income and expenses, track expenses in various categories, and create
graphs and charts to help you visualize your spending and saving patterns.
Information management software allows people to keep track of their schedules,
appointments, contacts, and to-do lists. Some information software allows you to
synchronize information between a handheld device such as a smartphone and a desktop
or notebook computer. Microsoft Outlook 2010, the information manager and email
software that comes with Microsoft Offi ce, is shown in Figure 30.
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