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Session 3.2 Quick Check
Written Communication: Presenting a Budget
In business, government, and personal lives, budgets play a key role in making sound
financial decisions. However, a well-organized budget is only the first step. The budget
must also convey information that is easily grasped by your audience or clients. Keep in
mind the following guidelines as you work on budget spreadsheets:
Plan the budget around a few essential goals. What is your budget trying to achieve?
Be specific and focused.
Pick out a few important measures or “bottom lines” that can convey whether the
proposed budget will meet your goals. Are you trying to pay off a debt, raise money,
or achieve a specific level of savings?
Look at your financial history to aid you in creating budget projections. Search for
important trends and take into account other factors such as inflation in your projections.
When explaining the budget, describe the results in terms of everyday examples.
Avoid the temptation of overwhelming your audience with raw facts and figures; rather,
interpret what those facts and figures mean in terms of your bottom line measures.
You want your budget spreadsheet to remain current as new data and projections
become available. This means continually updating the budget. But, do not just overwrite
or delete the old budget spreadsheets. Keep earlier budgets easily accessible so you can
access the original assumptions and goals when preparing the next budget. By keeping an
audit trail of your past work, you can make your future budgets more accurate and reliable.
Session 3.2 Quick Check
1. How do you use AutoFill to copy a set of cell values, but not the formatting?
2. If the fi rst three selected values in a series are 3, 6, and 9, what are the next
three values that will be inserted using AutoFill?
3. If cell P5 contains the text “Mon,” and then you select the cell and drag the fi ll
handle over the range P6:P8, what text will be entered into those cells?
4. If cell Q3 is greater than cell Q4, you want to display “OK”; otherwise, you want
to display “RETRY”. Write the formula that accomplishes this.
5. Write the formula to display the current date.
6. Write the formula to display the current date and time.
7. You want to take out a loan for $130,000. The interest on the loan is 5 percent
compounded monthly. You intend to pay back the loan in 20 years. Write the
formula to calculate the monthly payment required to pay off the loan under
those conditions.
8. What fi nancial function do you use to determine how many payment periods are
required to pay off a loan?
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